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Exploring the Q2 2018 SAP SuccessFactors Update (PART 4)


2018-06-05 — Helen Dunn, SuccessFactors Consultant, Zalaris UK&I

In the fourth post in our series reviewing the updates in the Q2 2018 SuccessFactors release, Helen Dunn, SuccessFactors Consultant, Zalaris UK&I analyses the new offerings in Workforce Analytics.

This release includes several enhancements to improve maintenance and usability in Report Center for administrators.

SAP SuccessFactors Q2 2018 Review Reporting, Analytics & Planning

By Helen Dunn, SuccessFactors Consultant, Zalaris UK&I

What’s notable about the enhancements included in this quarter is that they are all universal and there’s a definite focus on improving usability and maintenance of reports for report administrators. Here is what has been configured for release in the area of Reporting, Analytics & Planning.

Reporting Enhancements

Firstly, customers will now be able to copy and paste specific lists of Employee Ids values into the runtime filter. This is important because often HR is required to run reports for specific employee ids and selecting those ids one by one is cumbersome; this functionality resolves this inefficiency. 

Zrzut ekranu 2018 06 07 o 10.44.32

Secondly, In the report designer, fields that are sensitive from a GDPR perspective are shown with a SENSITIVE label helping report creators prevent them from using these data fields in reports unless truly needed. The amount of work that SuccessFactors has put into GDPR is impressive and deserves to be commended. 

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Another interesting enhancement is that Report Center can now only be enabled via the Upgrade Center; and it is still possible to disable Report Center manually. Previously, it was possible to enable Report Center via Admin Tools which required customer support involvement. This has now been disabled to reduce the effort in updating to Report Center. 

Zrzut ekranu 2018 06 07 o 10.46.25

Next, when in a report, the canvas orphan pages can now be deleted permanently. Previously, when deleting a canvas report the pages were ‘orphaned’ – which allowed for restoring deleted content but had the side effect of building up a large number of pages over time. This enhancement will now allow those pages to be cleaned up. 

Zrzut ekranu 2018 06 07 o 10.47.34

The next enhancement which will reduce report maintenance significantly is the ability to perform actions on multiple reports at once. Up to 50 reports can be selected at once and the first supported action is ‘Delete’. This looks like something which will be built on in the future and I anticipate will be welcomed by report administrators. 

Zrzut ekranu 2018 06 07 o 10.48.15

UI improvements also come to Report Center this quarter, including being responsive to screen size, a full screen mode and hiding of unnecessary titles. These changes will drastically improve the usable screen real estate to enabled increased productivity when building, running and managing reports. 

Zrzut ekranu 2018 06 07 o 10.48.51

This enhancement brings welcome integration of permissions with SuccessFactors roles making it available for WFA on HANA, not just classic WFA. This removes the need to create specific roles within FA. 

Zrzut ekranu 2018 06 07 o 10.50.01

A new tool called Configuration Check has been introduced to help you identify and resolve issues when your system does not work as expected. This should greatly reduce the amount of tickets you have to create with SAP or with your implementation partner a welcome addition. 

Zrzut ekranu 2018 06 07 o 10.50.51

And finally, in Headcount Planning, some terms and texts have been simplified and aligned across the tool to improve the user experience. Examples include:

  • ‘Planned positions’ instead of ‘addition’

  • ‘Copy position’ instead of ‘clone’

  • Inconsistency in button order

  • Simplified texts on some buttons. 

Zrzut ekranu 2018 06 07 o 10.51.26
Notable fixed issues
And finally, just two notable fixed issues included in this quarter:
  • On the Report Center page, Dashboards are now listed based on the last modified date (which will now only update when edited by a user, instead of being automatically updated every 6 days)

  • The owner of a scheduled job will no longer change when editing the job the original user will remain the owner.