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The Joys of a Nomadic Life


2014-09-29 — Les Hayman

We have sold Chateau Renon, our home in France.

Chateau Renon

Over the next 3 months we need to pack up our 130+ combined years of memorabilia and hoarding, move out, and also find new homes in both France and UK.

As a result of my need to focus on these priorities, I am afraid that over the next 3 months my blogs, which I have been posting weekly over the last 4 years, will tend to become a little less regular. Timing of my posts will now be based more on when packing, uncluttering, time, panic, stress, spirit, bank meetings, lawyer sessions and real-estate-viewings cross-channel, permit me to sit and relax for a short time to thus be able to focus on just one topic that has caught my imagination for a ramble.

I hope that my readers and supporters will understand and permit me this diversion until our lives settle back into some semblance of what constitutes a normal life for a pair of nomads.